How To Massively Upgrade Your Financial Success


Wealth Advisor and former college football coach Kevin Adleman talks with me about how our financial system has set most people up to fail by teaching them to have a scarcity mindset because they teach you to scrimp and save, to live within your means until one magic day when you retire, then you need to live even more within those boundaries until you die. 

Kevin Adelman discusses the importance of mindset, your subconscious and your personal development as it relates to financial wealth. He talks about Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet and how they have shaped and influenced his life and career. 

Kevin talks about his backstory where he breaks down to the point where he felt so lost, then found a Tony Robbins book that changes everything for him and allowed him to move from a scarcity to an abundance mindset and build a 7 figure business. 

This is an absolutely powerful discussion about how Kevin helps teach his clients about scarcity and abundance mindset and how to move from once side to the other. We also discuss why human behavior and the our prehistoric roots have scarcity and fear built into us to keep us safe and in a tribe, and how those impulses no longer serve us.

We also talk about money blocks in your mindset, the limiting beliefs around money, the subconscious mind, the blocks to abundance like jealousy or saying wealth people are lucky. 

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"The level of your income will be in direct proportion to your level of personal development" Jim Rohn

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