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How To Be A Business Savage With Cassandra Britton

They call her the Business Savage. 

They said everything was handed to her.  

They said it was because of her looks. 

“Nothing’s been handed to me in my entire life. 

It’s easy for people on the outside to look in and see these shiny things or what I’ve accomplished. 

But they don’t know what I’ve been through. 

They don’t know about the Lawsuits.  

They don’t know I’ve been through Labor Board Claims.  

Being cut from hockey teams (yes, she was a hockey player).  

They don’t know the amount of debt I had to go into to get to the places I was at.  

But I had a resiliency that I would never, ever, ever give up.” 

“I don’t care how many doors are slammed in my face, or how many people try to knock me down. 

As long as I have a heartbeat, I always will get back up.”  

That is what a Business Savage is all about.  

A Savage is committed, a savage will never give up. 

They are committed to a life that they are so worthy of.  

They will always find a way to pick themselves up and get through it. 

I’m honored to have Cassandra Britton on this weeks episode of Mindset Hackers.  

She is a former competitive athlete, worked for the Toronto Raptors, started a 7 figure business at age 19, and now runs the Business Savage Academy where she teaches entrepreneurs the resiliency needed to succeed.  

This episode was absolute FIRE so put it on your playlist! 

This week I also dropped an episode on the biggest thing that can come in the way of your long term success as an entrepreneur; and how to navigate your way through it.  

Your call to action: Put the Mindset Hackers podcast on your list and absorb the masterful energy of the incredible entrepreneurs I’ve had on the show. 

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