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This podcast focuses on helping Millennials leave a job or career that they hate and build an online business that they love by cultivating a personal brand and a high value skillset.

High value and high income skills include: money mindset, entrepreneurship, sales & digital marketing, the creator economy, networking & relationships, growth mindset, high productivity & focus. 


Brian Luebben - Action Academy Podcast and Author Of "From Passive To Passionate"

Brian Luebben: At 25 years old, Brian quit his corporate job making $250k per year and decided to go all in on building up streams of passive income to allow him to travel the world and do what he loves. Shortly after that he realized that 'retirement' left him without passion and purpose. From there he built a podcast where he interviewed over 400 millionaires and 3 billionaires to find out how money works and reveals it al in his new book "From Passive To Passionate".  

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NOA AON - DJ, Producer, Former Pro Cyclist, Wim Hof Instructor & Bio Hacker

NOA AON: A former professional cyclist, millionaire at 21, partner in helping Orange Theory Fitness expand into 7 states, Pavel Stuchlik is now a Conscious DJ and Producer  - taking his music, combining it with technology, Wim Hof breathwork, dance, meditation and creating global biohacking retreats, workshops, and immersive experiences. He now spreads love through curating immersive transformational shows and events all across the world. 

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Laura St. John: The Celebrity Mindset Coach!

Laura St. John

She's crushed it on Access Hollywood as well as the Netflix series "Selling Sunset; Laura St. John also runs Mindset Coaching at Google and in this episode shares 3 powerful strategies for creating the life that you want including her 'flip the script' technique.  

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Derek Rydall: Best Selling Author of "Emergence"

Derek Rydall

The best selling Author of the Abundance Project and Emergence sits down with me as we talk about whey the Law Of Attraction and Personal Development are a failure for so many people. There is nothing you need to 'go get' to complete your life. You already are. 

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Judi Holler: Best Selling Author of Fear is my Homeboy!

Are you ready to slay self doubt, imposter syndrome and overthink? We often talk about being 'fearless', or conquering fear, but we should be talking about courage and becoming brave.

On this interview on the Mindset Hackers Podcast I had the opportunity to talk with Judi Holler, best selling author and keynote speaker who wrote the book "Fear Is My Homeboy".


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Marketing Legend Amy Porterfield On Mindset And Playing The Long Game

She worked for Tony Robbins for 7 Years building some of his most powerful events such as Date with Destiny and Unleash The Power Within.

We talk about how she created an empire helping average and everyday people create their dream businesses the same way that the multi-million dollar entrepreneurs do.

We dive into Mindset, Marketing, Playing The Long Game, Business and Entrepreneurship and many other topics.

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How To Dominate Your Realm With Sales Legend Marcus Chan

From washing dishes at a Chinese Restaurant for 14 hours a day in the summer to creating a 7 figure coaching business helping Account Executives add $50-100k more and become sales legends, this is Marcus Chan!

After the launch of a #1 best seller on Amazon in 9 different business categories within days, Marcus Chan talks about feeling rejected, passing out 120 business cards and getting 0. appointments. We talk about sales, marketing, mindset and LinkedIn on this episode.

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How To Be A Business Savage With Cassandra Britton

She is a former competitive athlete, worked for the Toronto Raptors, started a 7 figure business at age 19, and now runs the Business Savage Academy where she teaches entrepreneurs the resiliency needed to succeed.

People said everything was handed to her. But she shares the story of what shes's faced -  from Lawsuits, Labor Board Claims, being cut from hockey teams (yes, she was a hockey player) and debt.

She tells us what being a true Business Savage is about.

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From Homeless and Drug Addicted To Professional MMA Fighter - Shane Fichter

A real life Rocky story! This is a powerful interview with a former Professional Mixed Martial Artist and Business Owner, Shane Fichter.

Shane shares his story of growing up with a meth addicted mother, living homeless in  his childhood, opioid addiction, hardcore drug use and ending up in prison.

After getting clean, Shane started training, then fighting in the cage. Shane discusses his mindset, mental toughness, ownership, work ethic and more!

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How To Not Give A F*ck About What People Think Of You - With Hallie Avolio

Hallie Avolio and I deep dive into how to let go of caring what others think about you.

Some of the topics we talk about in this episode are imposters syndrome, perfectionism, dimming our light for others, overcompensating, fear of rejection and needing external validation.

We share our mindset tools that we use to free ourselves from the chains that once held us back, and now give us an absolute sense of confidence and freedom.

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You Must Release The Past To Create The Future With Natalie Spaeth

In this #1 most downloaded episode of Mindset Hackers Podcast we dive into our patterns, our trauma, healing and more.

Journaling, meditating, breathwork and other self help techniques can help but we need to dig deeper and actually fix what is causing some of our underlying dysfunctions, often times ones that we don't even know are there.

We dive into finding out what is behind the things that are causing you to live life on repeat and how to release the past, so that you can create your new future.

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Surrender Your Way To Success with Hana Dhanji - Former Wall Street Lawyer And Executive Coach

In this episode, I chat with Former Wall Street Lawyer, now an Executive Coach Hana Dhanji and we talk about the trappings of 'chasing success', the dopamine treadmill, and how to get off.

Hana has also been on the treadmill of success in her own path and she shares her backstory with us of chasing to become a Wall Street Lawyer and work in some of the biggest cities such as New York and Dubai, but realized that she was out of alignment.

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