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Make sure you USE this awesome LinkedIn feature

As I make my rounds on LinkedIn, I can’t help but to see how many people are missing out on a key feature! 

First of all, let me do a quick shoutout to the LinkedIn profile page and all the cool things it can do compared to other platforms.  

My buddy Marcus Chan (Best Selling Author of 6 Figure Sales Secrets) calls it a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ because its such a diverse tool! 

By having a STRONG profile page, it helps me float to the top of the Google Search Rankings (that pesky University professor with the same name that has been at the top of the 16.9 million search results is DETHRONED!).  

LinkedIn itself is its own search engine, and by far the biggest for professionals, and your profile page is like a proxy website within that search engine!  

Ok back to where I was going with this, the key feature that I see people missing out on:  


This is in the middle of your profile page...

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