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Are you ready to go out there and crush the week ahead? I hope so, let’s do this together! 

Last week I posted about adding a little UTC into your sales process (urgency, timelines and consequences) to help move deals forward. 

Remember, adding timelines, urgency and consequences are not to ‘pressure’ people into a sale, they are there to help our clients make a decision so we can move forward or move on.  

This week I wanted to talk about another 3 of my favorite letters….COI!  

COI stands for ‘cost of inaction’. It applies to us and it applies our clients.  

Cost of inaction is exactly what it sounds like, time goes by and no attention was given to either solve the problem or move towards a desired state.  

The longer the problem persists, the more complex it becomes or the harder it is to solve.  

Think about a dentist who finds a cavity with their patient.  

If dealt with now it can be fixed easily, but if we don’t do something right away, the COI can lead to a root canal or worse.  

Take a consultative approach and make sure your clients are aware of the cost of inaction. 

Let me tell you a story about that!  

Help your clients come to that realization through your content, use a story about someone else to illustrate the point.  

I remember in 2018, I had a very talented friend who are so good at speaking in front of crowds and connecting with an audience.  

He LOVED doing this and would always talk about starting a podcast. 

This went on for years and finally I asked him ‘you keep talking about this, why haven’t you started?’  

“I don’t know how to start a podcast” he said. I thought to myself …it couldn’t be that hard. Also talked about being busy with kids and stuff (even though I have 3 kids too). 

Last year I decided to start my own, and yeah, it wasn’t that hard. But I got started, and I was consistent. I sucked at first, but I kept going and got better. 

104 episodes have gone by and I’ve had so many amazing guests. I can hit record and jam for 20-30 minutes without a script or editing.  

I’ve had my #1 inspiration (marketing legend Amy Porterfield) on my podcast and this month I’ll be recording an episode with best selling author Judi Holler (Fear Is My Homeboy)! 

It’s all because I just got started and kept going! 

That same friend hit me up a while back said ‘WOW! I can’t believe all that you’ve done, I wish I could do that”! 

I think to myself: it’s been 5 years that have slipped by, no action taken, think if you would have just started.  

That’s the cost of inaction. Dreams whither away or problems get bigger.  

Use some COI in your sales process & content marketing by sharing some stories of what happens when your clients have sat on the sidelines for too long.  

The Riches Are In The Niches… 

Check this out, in the next 2 weeks I’ll have a mini course on how to Nail Your Niche. I can’t help my clients make more money if they aren’t crystal clear on who they can help and how they can help them, and the messaging around that! 

Be on the lookout. It’s 4 short lessons (plus some bonuses), this is something I get asked about all the time, its something that so many people struggle with.  

Lesson 1: how to find a profitable niche that you love! 

Lesson 2: how to create your elevator pitch. 

Lesson 3: how to create your Ideal Client Profile. 

Lesson 4: how to sell an offer before you create one (and the play by play on how I’ve done this in the past).  

Bonus: 42 page Clarity Work Book + “Establishing Domain Authority” with Sales Legend Marcus Chan 

This week on the Mindset Hackers Podcast: 5 levels of belief! 

I’ve heard the mindset gurus say ‘you don’t need belief to take action’…true….but the actions you take if you don’t believe will be far different than if you KNOW it’s going to happen! How do you move from hoping, to believing, to confident, to KNOWING?
Find out below! 

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