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Why Playing the Long Game is Crucial for Entrepreneurial Success

We live in a day where we get a lot of instant gratification, seems like everything is 'on demand' except when it comes to building our business or growing our followings. 

Being an entrepreneur or content creator can test our patience because we want results right now. On top of that there are no shortage of marketers always promising the quick in easy path. 

Its easy to compare yourself to people who 'appear' to be crushing it online, and that can make us feel like we aren't succeeding or that we are doing it all wrong. 

I want to remind you that some of the biggest names in the digital entrepreneurship space; people like Gary V, Amy Porterfield, Tony Robbins, John Lee Dumas, Brendan Burchard, Rich Roll, Even Carmichael (and the list goes on) all were years in the making and not overnight successes.

We only see the tip of the iceberg and don't realize all the years that went into what we see now. Remember if you are feeling like 'this is taking so long' or 'is this worth it?', know that you are exactly where you need to be and you aren't alone. 

I'm an advocate of playing the long game because I know it works, and if you are down for this journey I'll be here supporting you and pushing you along the way. 

If you ever feel like 'the grind' is wearing on you, here are a couple of book recommendations that will tell you that you are exactly where you need to be:

Crushing It - by Gary V (not Crush It, this is the follow up book that was released in 2018). I LOVE that Gary teaches people to love the game and take the long term focus. Also, this book is filled with case study after case study of influencers that you know that were years in the making.

Another book I LOVE is "Gap & The Gain" by Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan. This book is all about measuring the point where you started to the point where you are now, and not measuring where you are compared to some idealized version of you in the future, or comparing yourself to others who have been in the game longer.

One thing that keeps me so grounded and consistent is to focus on 'mastery' over achievement. When you focus on simply being the best you can be at the game, it helps keep your mind from wandering into the lack.

For me personally, the more I focus on improving, the more the 'results' seem to just find me. 

I'm going to leave you with an image that I have saved on my phone, its from a call I was on with YouTube sensation Evan Carmichael where he shared his growth of his channel. 

As I write this, he is at 3.4 million subscribers of his channel, but as you can see, it took him 3 years to even break 1000 (the point where you can monetize your channel), and 8 years to get to 1 million. 

Remember to keep going and learn to love your craft, love the game, and appreciate that YOU are willing to do what most will not: go after your dreams.


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