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See if you can pass this test

Get ready to have your minds blown.  

You’ve heard people say “I have to see it to believe it”. And if you know me, you know I’ll say, you have to believe it before you can see it.  

Back in the 1800’s, William Gladstone, a former Prime Minister of Britain noticed that in the Odyssey, Homer described the ocean as dark red or wine red and not blue.  

Not too long after that, a researcher started studying languages of different cultures that were geographically isolated, also had no mention of the color blue. 

Yet the sky and the ocean are both blue.  

Eventually these cultures started describing blue at around the same time in history. He also noticed patterns in their language describing other colors such as red, purple and green around the same time.  

Check this out -> The Himba Tribe in Nambia still has no mention of the color blue in their language. 

So in 2015 they did a vision test (photo above) with several members of the Himba tribe. 

The test had a bunch of green squares that made up 2 circles. On one side though, there was a single blue square. 

They asked the Himba if they could see any other colors other than green, but they could not see the blue square, to them they could only see green squares. 

This implies that since they do not have a word to describe blue, they can’t see it.

Now, let's see if you can see the green square on the left circle that is not the same shade of green as the others, can you see it? The Himba can! (email me back with your guess).

I believe that every tool, every opportunity, every person that you need to succeed in life is right in front of you. But are you seeing it?  

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