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How To Overcome Your Imposter Syndrome

Let's talk about Imposter Syndrome: This is a form of self doubt that literally cripples people and holds them back from sharing their talents with the world.

The best way to describe it is the feeling of "what if they find out I'm a fraud" or "I was just lucky" when you have had success or a breakthrough. 

If you have felt that, you are not alone, and I want you to realize that its actually a good thing because it means you are stepping into new territory. You wouldn't feel it if you weren't stretching yourself. 

10 years ago I applied to a company that was #3 on the Forbes to 100 best places to work (Google was #1).

I was 39 years old and had a negative net worth because my business had just crashed.

At that time there was about 1 to 2 hires for every 100 applicants, and this was only the 2nd job I had applied to in my entire life.

The last job I applied to was in 1991 as a bus boy at the Salt Lake Country Club.

The job description asked for 2 years of sales experience, but I had none.

The job also asked for a 4 year college degree, I had none.

They asked for references who could attest to working with me, I had none. Instead I gave them the names of my bike racing buddies.

When I showed up to the group interview (2nd interview of 5) I didn't wear a tie because I thought that it would be too stuffy.

The 29 other applicants in the room all had suits and ties.

I still got hired and in that time I've brought in over $30M in sales and in return it has given me and my family everything that I could want.

In 2020, I took in my first mindset coaching client. I have no coaching certificates because I've never been a part of a coaching program.

In 2020, I also sold my first digital course teaching people about LinkedIn. I had only been actively using LinkedIn for about 3 months.

I have no degree.
I have no certifications.
I have no diplomas.
I have no title.
I have acne scars and wrinkles.
I need to get braces on my bottom teeth.

By the standards that a lot of people judge themselves by, I'm an imposter.

The only difference is I don't judge myself, I put it out there and let other people decide.

Is it scary at times? It was but not anymore, because I do it over and over and over. Now its fun to see what's possible.

If you are holding yourself back because you think you aren't enough in some way, I encourage you to let go of that self judgment.

The next life changing opportunity may be right around the corner.

If you are struggling with Imposter Syndrome I want you to listen to this episode of the Mindset Hackers Podcast available on Apple and Spotify. I will teach you how to overcome and reframe Imposter Syndrome to your advantage.

Its time for you to let go of the feeling that you are an imposter, you are enough exactly as you are.


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