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Ways You Can Create Income With Your Knowledge


Want to know all the ways you can create income with your knowledge?

Confused about how to start and create income sources?

If you know 20% or more than the average person on a specific topic, you have the ability to create streams of income from that knowledge.

What are you waiting for? Grab a pen and paper! Start listing down all your abilities.

Some Ideas Include:

A mastermind group
Membership group (paid community)
Paid newsletters
Paid podcasts (new trend that is emerging)
Challenges (3-5 day works the best)
Group Coaching
Digital Course
Mini Digital Course
One on One Coaching
Sponsored Podcast


Here are some other cool things about 'Knowledge Brokering' : 

- You can run it from anywhere in the world.

- Doesn't require a physical product (storage, shipping).

- Can be set up with minimal costs (email, zoom & a FB group is all I used for my first course).

- Doesn't need to be a race to the bottom with margins that can happen with physical products.

- Can start small (even one coaching client) and scaled from there, so you can truly build while working another job.

- You are your brand, no one can take it away, and you can evolve.

What we need to start :

- Knowledge in a specific area/niche

- Zoom/phone, email, paypal/venmo

- A place to drive traffic from, LinkedIn is my favorite choice, or Facebook, YouTube, TT, Instagram (or all of them)


As you grow you can :

- Scale your biz using V/A's

- Use apps to make things easier such as Kajabi, Podia, Calendly, Click Funnels, Circle, Stripe.

- Extend growth using affiliate marketing & advertising

Start by testing the waters :

- Use social media for feedback on an idea

- Set up a few calls or chats with people to ask for feedback, pain points & desired outcomes

- Run a 'beta' course or group with a discount in exchange for feedback and build your course along the way.

The Time is now if you want to start carving something out for yourself !! 

Most importantly, have the COURAGE and WILL to do it.

This is your sign!


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