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Unwiring Your Money Limiting Beliefs With Kirsten Granados - Founder Of Grow And Arrow Financial Consulting


Your beliefs around money have everything to do with your financial success later on in life.

When you were a child, in your most malleable state, you are absorbing your beliefs about life from the people and situations that you experience.

You are literally being programmed by your parents, by advertising, by your peers, even by the financial system.

You were told to save, save, save. Kirsten and I agree that this teaches people to live in scarcity. To 'live within your means'.

True abundance is not living constricted, it is about expansion.

Kirsten and I talk about some of the things that we hear from our parents in our childhood that create our money blocks and money limiting beliefs.

In this new episode of Mindset Hackers Podcast Kirsten also talks about Grow and Arrow, her financial consulting firm, where she not only advises financially but helps her clients remove money blocks and limiting beliefs around money, and you don't often find that.

Kirsten is also a master of using social media for marketing and she has used both LinkedIn and TikTok to create clients and expand her existing business.

We also talk about going 'against the grain' of the common money influencers like Suze Orman, David Bach and David Ramsey that tell you to cut up your credit cards, pay off debt and live within your means.

It's all about context.

She also coaches people how to tap into the organic growth of TikTok for business success.

TikTok is not just an app for kids, it can be used by everyone.

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