Raise Your Frequency To Elevate And Influence Everyone Around You

On this fresh new episode of Mindset Hackers I have discussed the idea of 'raising your frequency' to bring up the energy level of those you interact with.

Imagine being able to walk into your next interview, teach a class or a coach, do your next sales call or presentation, be on a stage or on a podcast and come in with a transferrable energy that lifts others up and inspires.

Epic sales people know how to influence and inspire by what I call the 'Transfer of Enthusiasm'.

Your energy level is completely transferable and you will be able to affect not only your own state, but the state of others, which can put them in a place where they are ready to take action.

You know those people that you meet who just make you feel good when you are around them, they bring up the level of energy in a room, they know how to impact others, they influence those around them.

You also know the people that are a buzzkill in a room and bring down the energy, and have the frequency of Zombie.

Raising your own frequency and that of others isn't difficult to do, it just takes intention and use these 3 steps to make every interaction with others a more meaningful one.

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As the great Tony Robbins says: "The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships".

Success is not about the amount of money you make, but the lives that you impact. And money is a by-product of the lives that you impact.

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