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How To Live With Intention & Purpose with Author Bobby Dysart

The story is not new and one I talk about a lot here on Mindset Hackers: The dopamine treadmill.

Obsessing over the next commission, promotion or opportunity. Hopelessly focused on reaching the next level of success or hitting a moving target of satisfaction.

When you are on the treadmill, you are missing out on life. The sunrise, the air, the music, the food, the touch, the senses all become desensitized.

You focus on things in the future, you focus on things in the past, but you miss out on the present, which is the only place you should be.

Bobby Dysart, author of The 5 Buckets: The Framework For Living With Intention and host of the School of Intention Podcast describes his story of being successful, by the standard metrics, before Covid disrupted his new start up business and left him with half of his clients.

During a weekend retreat, he was able to connect with himself and others on a different level, and help give him the guidance that he needed to find the truest fulfillment in life.

He dove into meditation, self love, connection, ice bath's, yoga sessions, sharing circles, journaling, nature hikes; completely an inward journey.

After that his life was changed forever.

He developed a deeper connection with his daily actions and built a framework for really living, which he now shares on the Mindset Hackers podcast.

The 5 buckets are:


If you've found yourself on the treadmill of work and life, maybe its time to slow down and embrace being intentional, finding your purpose, and getting back to the basics of enjoying life to the fullest.

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