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3 gifts you haven't opened yet

I've got 3 gifts for you, especially if you are a
1) coach,
2) digital entrepreneur or
3) want to level up your badassery!

Ok the next four weeks I’m going to be dropping some serious value. August I’ve got some serious nuggets coming your way so PLEASE pay attention to the weekly emails I’ll be sending in the next few weeks. Join my email list here!!

#1 – Guess who will be on my podcast next week but also be offering a free live training to help you get your monetizable ‘offer’ dialed in?  

Let me give you a 3 hints: 

She made $8 million in a 10-day enrollment period (and she’s repeatedly had $8 figure launches).  

She used to work for Tony Robbins before launching her 8 figure business (no, this did not happen overnight and that’s what well be talking about on my podcast).  

She is one of the top online marketing experts in the digital space and helped create hundreds of 6 and 7 figure online entrepreneurs! 

#2 – The quickest way to move forward is to let go of what’s holding you back. But what if you let go of what’s holding you back + added some rocket fuel to your motivation? 

On Monday’s episode of Mindset Hackers, I dropped the 5 sources of ‘intrinsic dopamine’. This is the inexhaustible fuel that burns within you, the David Goggin’s type of fuel. Check out that episode and LIGHT IT UP on  Apple Podcasts and Spotify

I also dropped an episode with Master Health Coach Hailey Rowe, who is the host of the Health Nation Podcast and has a vast knowledge on helping coaches and entrepreneurs get dialed in. We talked about how to obliterate the 4 things that really hold entrepreneurs back: Overthink, procrastination, perfectionism and imposter syndrome. Listen on Apple Podcasts and Spotify!

#3 Do you want us to do this?

I’ve had a bunch of people tell me “I just don’t know where to start when it comes to LinkedIn”. Would you be interested if we put together a 5 day free challenge to help you CRUSH your profile page and turn it into a cash making doorway for whatever online business you want to create?  

Message me back and let us know if we should put it together! 



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