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The Only 2 Things You Need To Succeed

On this episode of Mindset Hackers we talk about the only 2 things that you need to succeed in sales, business, entrepreneurship or any other professional pursuit.

Before we start, I'd like to share my 4 mindset mantras that I say to myself every single day:

Affirmation #1 - If they can do it, so can I.

Affirmation #2 - I can figure this out.

Affirmation #3 - I can go harder.

Affirmation #4 - I will do whatever it takes.

Those four mindset mantras are painted above my shower so that every morning, above my cold shower, I see those as I embrace the cold. I thump my chest and I say those out loud and I prime my day to crush it with the momentum of a freight train. Then I start my day.

Now back to the 2 things you need for success:

Knowledge & Action.

Simple right? Not so much. It takes a strong person to seek out knowledge because as soon as you do, then the excuses start showing up in your mindset.

We allow ourselves to believe that these are real limitations, but they are not, they are created by our mind to keep us in a safe place.

If you make it past the excuses, you need to start taking action with the knowledge that you have acquired and not just be a collector of knowledge.

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“Never make it be about the end result. Make it be about effort.”  Joe Dispenza.

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