How to start with meditation if you don't know where to start

The number one reason I meditate (and there are several more), is it helps me to run extremely efficiently.

I've shared my schedule in posts before and I can get an extraordinary amount of things done in a day and not feel rushed.

It gives me more clarity and focus.

Stress and anxiety is virtually non existent for me.

It helps me not think about 'all the things I have to do'.

Instead of worrying, I have the feeling of 'whatever needs to get done... will'.

I have abundance in how I perceive time, which is fascinating because a lot of people don't meditate because they don't want to give up time to do 'nothing'.

The time I invest in meditation actually creates more time by helping me be more efficient, and feel less rushed.

It also helps me to savor the smallest things by being more present.

There are more reasons but the last one I'll say is it extremely pleasant, I can literally feel Seratonin (love, gratitude chemical) drop into my body.

There is no question that meditation has grown...

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