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Unlocking Abundance: How I 10x'd My Life | Mindset Hackers Podcast

Today I wanted to share something big with you: How I 10x’d my abundance in life. 

When I say abundance, I don’t mean just financial abundance, but my abundance in relationships, my time and my opportunities.  

5 years ago, I remember it so clearly. I was one of my long Sunday bike rides where I consume the knowledge of others by listening to podcasts while I ride.

I was listening to The Eventual Millionaire Podcast where I heard a guest who just blew my mind.

His name was Derek Rydall and he was discussing his new book “The Abundance Project”, he is also the author of the best seller “Emergence”.

He was talking about all the struggles he had trying to get success, all the work on personal development, all the law of attraction techniques that we try and use but end up feeling like we aren’t getting anywhere.

He talked about how through 2 near death experiences he realized that most of personal development has it all...

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Unlock Results: Replace Overthink with Certainty

If you’ve done any of my recent group trainings you’ve probably heard me talk about this simple formula for getting results: 

Knowledge + Action – Overthink = RESULTS. 

Overthink is the absolute ENEMY of getting what you want in life.  

Overthink is the spinning in your mind, the mental ping pong game going back and forth, asking ‘will this work’, ‘what if I fail’, ‘what will people think of me’.  

Overthink EXHAUSTS your mind because your brain consumes so much energy. You can literally be wiped out without having done a thing to move your business or personal life further.  

Overthink causes stress, anxiety, and lack of time.  

But what if you could replace OVERTHINK with CERTAINTY?  

You’d be able to take all that precious time and energy and use it for creating ACTION! 

It’s like a double win, turn down the anxiety and stress, turn up taking action...

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