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How To Go From Shy And Introverted To A Champion Networker - Steve Spiro (The LinkedIn Master Connector)

Mindset Hackers: Can you relate to this?

Growing up shy and introverted, the last thing Steve Spiro thought I’d ever be called a master connector. But deep down he really did want to break out of his shell. He knew he had a real purpose but, struggled to find that purpose.

His family struggled financially and that sparked his drive and ambition to never have to worry or stress about money. He worked with his dad in the family business while in High School and also while going to College. Seeing his dad being almost a slave to his business while still not really getting ahead, had a profound impact on him.

"In an effort to blaze my own trail and not make some of the mistakes my dad made, right out of college, I started my own advertising company with a partner and opened an office in New York City."

But everything changed when he started training in the martial arts in '83. For the first time Steve experienced personal growth and development, not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well. Growing myself personally in those areas became addictive. Steve went on to be a black belt in '87, with a 4th degree blackbelt in Karate and 1st degree in JuJitsu.

"I started to see the power of mentorship and self development, at first how it helped me change and become the man I hoped I could become. But it was even more exciting when I got to “pay it forward” and start to help others in the same way I was helped."

In November of 2020 Steve was blessed to have been approved to do a LinkedIn live show, called the Master Connector Show. This show is broadcast live on Wednesdays 1pm EST. "Our show’s mission is right online with my personal mission which is to be the light, uplift and inspire. It’s been a tremendous experience!"

"There are three things I live my life by: the power of mentorship, growing oneself through self development and continuing to create meaningful connections through building a large network."

On this episode me and Steve dive into some true ways to help you become a better connector, a better networker, and why this is so important.

It's not just about making money or finding someone who can help you out, it's about serving others and the feelings that come with being a more connected human being.

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