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I help coaches and consultants make a bigger impact in the world by helping them leverage marketing, non-invasive sales, branding, content creation and growth strategies of the experts.It is time to go from struggling side hustle to THRIVING entrepreneur. 

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Please check out my testimonials!

Please check out some of the testimonials on this page, I want you to have full confidence and trust if we work together. I will not take your money unless I truly can help you!

How Neshe Used LinkedIn To Close Her First $30k Coaching Client

Neshe was using Instagram for her coaching business and wasn't quite getting the results she wanted. Then she made the switch and now describes LinkedIn as 'holy water' haha!

Coaching Testimonial from MMA Pro Shane Ficter

Shane Fichter went from abusing drugs and addiction to rising up the ranks as a professional MMA fighter. Now he and his team make an impact with business & mindset coaching and I get the incredible opportunity to support them.

How Claudia Used Leveraging LinkedIn to kickstart a new life!

Claudia was one of my first Leveraging LinkedIn students and was coming off a brutal chapter in her life. She told me she knew she had a greater purpose inside and signed up for my course. The rest is history!

Amy Porterfield Interview

Check out my exclusive Mindset Hackers interview with legendary Entrepreneur Amy Porterfield, available on all Podcast Platforms!


Recent Podcast Interviews

I love making the rounds on quality podcasts, here are some of the recent episodes I've been fortunate enough to be featured on:

Mindset Hackers: Catch up with me and my guests on the latest Mindset Topics, available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple and Google Podcasts! 

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The Business Savage Podcast -Leveraging LINKEDIN for Your Business with Simon Parsons.

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The Free Retiree Show: Success Mindset: The Habits and Traits of Successful People with Simon Parsons

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InJoy Success Podcast Episode #137 with Simon Parsons: Thriving and Going Full Send

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The Ambitions Life Podcast with Dusty DeGroff: Get control of your mind with Simon Parsons.  

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The Student of Intention Podcast with Author and Host Bobby Dysart: Taking Back Your Time with Simon Parsons

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Self Esteem and Confidence Podcast with Jonny Pardoe, closing in on 1 million downloads! 

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How to go from having a Mediocre life to absolutely THRIVING by using an Expansive Mindset.

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"Simon is the man!! In the short time I have known him, he has helped me tremendously and provided invaluable guidance. I followed his recommendations and in a month's time, I nearly doubled my network on LinkedIn with real and genuine connections. I'm so grateful for his laid-back, can-do attitude because it definitely helped me when I was uncertain about my next steps. "

Mel Shipman
Creator of Masters of Bold Action (MBA) Course, International Mindset Coach

"I have taken my share of digital courses. Because of Simon's style, this particular course has created several friendships from the group. There are great people in the group. I attribute that to Simon's ability to be such a good leader and connect great like-minded people."

Tyler Martin
8 Figure Business Coach for Driven Entrepreneurs.

"Overall, I am appreciative of what I learned in the class. It's a tremendous value for what I paid — I've spent a lot more for other courses and got way less. But, I am most grateful for the relationships that will continue as part of his course, which I don't think you can even put a value on."

Marek Shon
Sales Coach and Motivational Speaker

"Simon has a great ability to deliver valuable, insightful content that is really practical and easy to implement. On top of all this, his integrity and dedication to building a supportive community, along with his gift to inspire people to gently step outside their comfort zone, has resulted in personal growth for me alongside a wonderful group of people."

Lana North
Leadership Coach for Strategic Business Communication

"Do you need some help with your LinkedIn strategy? Stop thinking and book Simon's course before it's sold out! My views went up by 1450% and my comments went up by 470% over the last 8-week Bootcamp. I've been invited on podcasts. I had too many amazing and touching Zoom conversations to count. I made real friends!"

Kati Harris
Landing Happy Founder & Content Marketing for Badass Coaches

"Simon is THE mentor and coach you want in your corner. During his 8-week LinkedIn Bootcamp course, I have been building a following through fostering genuine connection with others, honing in on my personal brand, and selling without selling, all pillars of his programs."

Cole Johnson
Self Discovery and Mindset Mentor at Career Path Global

"Simon Parsons is the most dedicated coach I have ever met! He truly cares deeply for anyone he is connected to. He is kind and patient. His use of mindset practices helps you grow by transforming you into the person you want to be. I took his LinkedIn Bootcamp Course and totally leveled up! I have zero back ground in social media. He took the fear out of it for me. He set me up with all the systems to succeed. Without making it complicated."

Claudia Wyatt
Speaker, Writer and Executive Director

"I dare you to talk to Simon and not be inspired. You won’t find another person who lives life more fully and whole heartedly, not to mention has some of the strongest growth game I’ve ever seen. This guy is off the chain. The best part about him is that he chooses to share his wisdom with others—in every avenue that he possibly can. I’ve personally benefited from Simon one on one, in group, and from the amazing endless content he records and posts."

Allison Shields
Customer Experience Manager and CX Strategist

"Simons course has been one of the most influential for me on LinkedIn. His approach to this topic and coaching style has been made a huge impact on me and my personal brand. Not only has it increased my reach it has also impacted my companies reach. We have had an increase of 123% in traffic to our LI page and increased 52% in engagement. His organic tactics are on point for the true marketer trying to connect with people on LinkedIn. "

Travis Hall
VP of Marketing, Remodel Health

"Simon is an exceptional coach who brings his whole self and presence to every interaction. I was thinking about coaching as a possible option to take me to the next step and Simon helped me generate clarity, new thinking and self-development. He helped bring powerful, positive and transformational changes from his coaching."

Bal Suchenski
Manager of Global Talent Aquisition

"What an incredible experience it's been to have Simon's support on my LinkedIn journey. Prior to this, I was having a tough time gaining visibility around the platform despite taking courses and receiving coaching. I even started to think that people on LinkedIn didn't resonate with my message around happiness & success. But Simon showed me that it wasn't the message, but specific activities I wasn't doing. Thanks to Simon, I've gained so much more than what I expected - friendship, network, visibility, and tribe."

Joon Kim
Mindset Coach

"Simon absolutely over-delivers! Incredibly personable, relatable, and has a genuine passion for helping others. In taking Simon's course on Leveraging LinkedIn, I've learned so much about this platform, and how to utilize it to build and grow impactful relationships. The insights and support from Simon have helped me grow my connections and engagement, and introduced me to some amazing people I wouldn't have met otherwise."

Crystal Freie
Empowerment & Success Coach, Speaker, Writer

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Snag one of my mini-courses to get started on a new journey. Why? My goal is to OVERDELIVER for you in the beginning so that you'll get to know my coaching style before I ask you to ascend to one of my more comprehensive coaching programs.

9 Ways To Monetize LinkedIn

The LinkedIn Audio Masterclass is a counterintuitive approach to getting clients with ease, that allows you to get clients without Looking Desperate Or Salesy. We achieve this by using a very strategic social media strategy on Linkedin without using Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Or Twitter. And as a result...this frees you up to actually growing your business - this is the purpose behind the LinkedIn Audio Masterclass.

Leveraging LinkedIn Master Course

This is a comprehensive course on how to utilize LinkedIn to build or accelerate your coaching/consulting business, side hustle or small business (or if you haven't started a business but want to position yourself for success). I will teach you how to be an authority in your niche, create an organic and engaged following that attracts your ideal client on the best network built for professionals. V3 Coming October 2021. 

Badass Activation Essentials Mini Course

Want to dive into mindset and personal development without spending a lot of time or money to get started? This is the 5 lesson mini-course that we included as part of our successful Badass Activation Challenge but now available on demand. We promise we will over-deliver! 

Mindset Hackers On YouTube

Check out the latest Mindset Hackers YouTube videos and interviews including this one with MMA Professional Fighter Shane "Havoc" Fichter!


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