Best Year In Business Summit

For a limited time get our free Entrepreneur Summit Training that is packed with value!

You will get over 4 hours of training from our Best Year In Business Entrepreneur Summit. 

This is an immersive event where we won't be teaching/coaching but engaging you into deeper levels of thinking about how to grow your business this year. 

  • Day 1: Cut the cord with your fears around Entrepreneurship + Meet the future version of yourself. 
  • Day 2: How to be a time hacker + Strategic Business Planning
  • Day 3: Entrepreneur Vs. Employee Mindset + Taking Massive Action + Live Q/A Session. 

Take advantage of this now while it's free!

What People Are Saying:

OH MY EFFING GOOOOD! 🤩 I feel so good after this session - I can't even explain. I just feel giddy and happy in my body, can't stop smiling. This was an amazing experience and I am one of those people who signed up not really knowing what it was gonna be about, I just liked Cassandra's energy and thought it's free, why not? I got a mountain of value out of these three sessions and I want to thank you both Simon and Cass but also this whole community here - it's been amazing! Gotta go dance out this ENERGY at 2 AM hahaha

Cam Sarvan

I wanted to take a bit of time to reflect on the past three days with all of you. I can say without a doubt that this was so transformative for me & I know it was for others as well.✨ I have more gratitude & love in my heart than I thought possible!🥰 I feel revitalized, excited & ready to take on more! I feel like I have relevant tools in hand to be able to truly move the needle forward in my business & see expansive growth this year. I wish I’d had all of these golden nuggets MONTHS AGO! To Simon , Cassandra, & Ammar, thank you again for all that you brought to this summit. I know it’s already been said that you are incredible & amazing, but why not tell you once more!?🤷🏻‍♀️💛 To everyone who joined & shared, thank you for your vulnerability & all the amazing energy that was cultivated in this group because of it.🙏🏻 Y’all are all incredible & I can’t help but feel like this community is already a family after just three days! I look forward to seeing everyone grow in this new year & reach goals that were thought to be outlandish before. Keep bringing your authentic self to light & things will come to you in ways you won’t expect.✨ You guys are BADASSES & going to absolutely crush it!!!

Tori McDowell

I don't really understand what just happened - I was sort of waiting for the catch and there just wasn't one. You have just delivered the THE BEST 3 day online summit ever been. The advice you gave from the kindness of your hearts has been genuinely life-changing. I woke up this morning and while I'd normally just rub my eyes and think "Gawd! Where do I start?" today I found myself leaping out, arms aloft and yelling out "YES!"

Robert Glass

After the calls last week, I decided that one way I needed to take MASSIVE ACTION was to actually ask my audience what they needed/wanted. I have never done this! Because even when I post polls or use engagement features I let the negative self talk get the best of me. Well, I decided to be BRAVE ✨ (my word of the year) and got super intentional about my questions and so far it’s been a massive success and VERY EYE OPENING! I also usually withhold posts from Fb (fear of judgment/opinions) BUT since those things arent allowed in my jar anymore, I shared it there and I’m getting responses in those stories as well!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Thank you Simon Parsons, Cassandra Britton, Ammar Assad for the focus around these things. I KNOW that this will be life-changing for my business and is just the beginning

Hillary Kay Butcher

What an amazing 3 days that I crammed into 2 days through the replays. Simon and Cass are a wealth of knowledge and left so many bread crumbs of wisdom in each call. Very grateful you took the time and energy. Biggest takeaway for me is the mindset exercise in day one. Having a legit plan each day and logging it in the apps that Cass shared; not just having a to do list that you feel good about scratching off trivial tasks. Day 3 was it all coming full circle and Simon's formula: knowledge + action - overthink = success 🙌 Best mantra to live by in business. Even a little bit of knowledge and massive action will make you dangerous, imo... when you take massive action, there's no time for overthink.

Robert Turtletaub