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Our Movement: To help entrepreneurs build sustainable and long term businesses.

Most entrepreneurs are GREAT at what they do, but struggle with making more deals happen. The lifeblood of a business is sales, supported with marketing and branding; and we help you increase revenue and convert more sales.

You Are The Driven. 

You were born to make and impact and you will do whatever you need to make that happen. You have a passion that burns inside of you to help other people out. You will not stop. 

Many of you have risked it all to do what you want to do. To live a life of freedom, do do things on YOUR terms and to not cave into the temptation of having a 'safe and secure' job. 

With that comes sleepless nights, the stress, the self doubt, the confusion, the ups and downs of business and entrepreneurship,

You are so good at what you do. But as an entrepreneur, you have so many hats to wear. You need to learn about business, about marketing, how to sell, how to write copy, how to scale and how to use the tech. 

We are here to guide you on that journey.

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We Are Against The "High Ticket Guru's" That Pitch Quick And Easy

We've seen the hopes and dreams of so many new entrepreneurs due to shady Guru's who promote the quick and easy path which results in failure and self doubt. Red flags for us are promising "$10-30k months in 90 days with ease", teaching the same old played out strategies. 

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We're talking about these guys....

How To Attract Clients Vs. Chasing Them

Think of each social platform as a big ocean to go fishing in. We use content to attract a following into a smaller lake (awareness). Then from there we move them to your pond (interest). After that we teach you to convert easier (clients) and then build out more offers (repeat clients).

The roadmap to 500k and more: 

One of the reasons we hate the marketing guru's that overpromise and under deliver is because it causes people to fail early, compare themselves with others and creates self doubt. 

You can create a long term, sustainable and thriving business in excess of $500k per year but you have to grow into it and acquire the knowledge and take the right actions to scale into this. 

Just like in Martial Arts and working your way to a black belt, you start with the basics and drill those until you have a good understanding. You learn a lot in the beginning, then as an intermediate you refine those skills and drill them over and over. 

As you get better, you grow your income which allows you to scale into a team. If you don't, you'll cap your income and be stressed and overwhelmed. 

If you do it correctly, you can have a long term vision in place and grow a team and make it easier for you instead of harder, and allow you to stay in your zone of genius and delegate the things you don't want to do to others. 

This is true entrepreneurship, when you can grow your income and your impact by scaling the correct way! 

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