Lack of money and time are no longer an excuse.

The Badass Activation Essentials is a 5 module mindset & personal development 'mini-course' that we included with the Badass Activation Challenge, and is now available for you to purchase ala carte for only $37. This is the perfect starter for anyone who is ready start activating Badass Mode. 

Let's get going!

The core essentials for an optimal mindset .


As mindset coaches, Hallie and I both agree that to create massive success in your life is to start with the basics.

There are 5 core habits that you can develop, they don't need to take a long time to learn and they aren't complex topics. 

We have created a short mini-course that is both extremely affordable and value packed with the most relevant 'how to's' on the most common questions we get around:

Consistency, mental toughness & resilience, visualization, journaling and affirmations. 

Each of these 5 pillars is extremely potent by themselves, and combine them together you're Activating Badass Mode!

This Mini-course is PERFECT for you if: 

  • You already have a passion or familiarity for personal and professional development and want a refresher along with some new ideas.
  • You are a professional/entrepreneur and are always looking for ways to level up your game.
  • You want some BADASS training because you are so worthy of living to your highest potential and will not settle for average! 
  • You want to network and be surrounded by other forward moving individuals! The best way to make massive progress is to do it with others who are heading in the same direction! It's fun in a group with others who will do it with you! 
  • You find yourself saying 'when I get time' or 'when I get money' and are waiting for the conditions to be right before investing in yourself. This value packed mini course is both digestible and inexpensive. 
  • You've been wanting to sink your teeth into some new projects but have been letting 'life get in the way'. You feel like you are too busy, you know you want more but you just haven't been able to kick start your momentum! This will do it!

"The energy and encouragement from Hallie & Simon mixed with their amazing content and tips were just what I needed to reenergize my morning routine. I was pretty consistent in doing a morning routine every day, but it wasn't doing anything for me. I still felt blah b/c I was just "doing" the steps. Hallie & Simon taught me how to bring the fun back and to give myself grace if my "routine" looked different from time to time. Loved the challenge!!!" ~ Dana

"Hallie and Simon...get involved with these two if you are not. Your life WILL be better because of it. They foster a community of endless support and motivation, and both carry a burning drive to see others succeed. My morning routine was "decent," but some better focus was needed to bring me to another level. This challenge helped identify ways I could modify my current routine to become a better version of me. Hallie and Simon have my highest recommendation, not only with a shorter program like the Badass Activation Challenge, but with anything they conjure up. Reach out today!" - Cole

"I LOVED the training, feel like I got a lot of value out of it already (sorry I haven't made it all the way through the content yet). But I loved the mix of videos and docs shared to help it sink in and implement the techniques. Loved that you provided tools so that I could implement what we learned immediately. Would love a follow up/check in that held us accountable long term. I feel like you could spread the content over 2-3 weeks and allow time to implement the techniques learned so that you could really digest them and try them out before learning a new one." 

Lesson 1 - Consistency

This is the number one thing when it comes to your morning routine.  It is critical to commit and to be consistent. If you want to create a habit, it will take an average of 66 days. But we know you are READY for this activation in your life and you are ready to COMMIT to being the BEST version of you.

Lesson 2 - Mental Toughness

Getting through tough sh*t isn't easy. On this day we'll teach you how to HTFU and get through challenging situations like the BADASS that you are! I'll teach you my favorite pillar for MENTAL TOUGHNESS and I will teach you the Cookie Jar Technique that reminds you of the badass that you are! I'll also teach you how to leverage pain and pleasure to motivate you to take action!

Lesson 3 - Visualization

Visualization is the holy grail of Manifestation! Learn how YOU can meet the future BADASS version of YOU that has everything that you could want. Then you'll be able to THINK and FEEL like that future version of yourself and start taking action NOW that will create the REALITY that you will experience! 

Lesson 4 - Affirmations

Why do affirmations work?  They go beyond "fake it till you make it".  Affirmations are a powerful tool that create new neural pathways in your brain by rewiring any stories you have been told that no longer exist or hold truth.  Pretty cool, right? These words have to make you FEEL something in your body.  Just like when you were visualizing and meditating, you have to make the words come to life by feeling them.

Lesson 5 - Journaling

Do you have a journaling practice?  This is one of the BEST ways to really activate your thoughts, set intentions, and see your personal progress and growth over time. The intention of journaling is to give yourself a safe space to share your inner thoughts.  There are many ways to journal and all of them are "right". It's about deciding what's right for you, and also, not getting too caught up in the "how" but rather thinking about your "why". 

Badass Bonuses!

Hallie and I will be providing you with some way cool bonus materials including a downloadable PDF that will help you 'gamify your habits and routines and see all the options you can have to create momentum in your life!

You only need enough 'discipline' to keep these exercises intact for 66 days to when these will then form habits that create a beautiful life!

Get your Badass Activation Essentials right now!


You don't need to get your eyes checked, yes it really is only $37!

  • Module 1 - The power of Consistency (value $97)
  • Module 2 - Harden the F*ck Up Mental toughness (value $97)
  • Module 3 - Visualization (value $97)
  • Module 4 - Journaling (value $97)
  • Module 5 - Affirmations (value $97)
  • PDF downloads (value $97)
  • Forever access to the course materials, watch and review whenever you like. 
  • Total value $582! 
Let's Get Going!!!

Instructor profile: Hallie Avolio

Hallie Avolio is the Founder and President of Sassy Healthy Fit. After 20 years in B2B sales (both in the corporate and small business markets), Hallie realized that her real passion is to motivate and inspire other humans to live their best lives and show up as their most authentic selves.

Through programs like her Morning Motivation Minute, the I Am Limitless Self-Love Course, and her monthly Jam Sessions for success, Hallie empowers you to live your best life. Hallie's teachings encompass core values, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), mindfulness (meditation, breathwork, etc.), affirmations, gratitude, self-love/self-care, and simple, sustainable, & fun daily rituals.

You can connect further with Hallie through her website: , on LinkedIn (, and on Instagram/Facebook @sassyhealthyfit.

Instructor Profile: Simon Parsons

I am a former competitive cyclist, DJ and martial artist turned Growth Mindset coach. In my younger years, I imagined myself living a very average life until I got a job at the Salt Lake Country club where I worked among some of the most affluent people in the state of Utah. It was there that I gained a passion for mindset and personal development as learned from several mentors, that thinking like a millionaire was something that anyone can do.  

Still, there would be ups and downs ahead as I built 2 businesses that thrived and then failed. Defeated by entrepreneurship, I did what I always feared and joined the corporate world as a sales rep for CHG Healthcare (a Fortune Magazine 100 best places to work and $2B sales organization). This turned out to be a blessing and I found that I thrive in sales. I am blessed to achieve the coveted President's Club award in 7 out of 7 years. My performance really took off when I became obsessed with growth mindset, cognitive behavioral psychology, and neuroscience.

During the COVID pandemic, I began Growth Mindset Coaching, or as I call it: THRIVE coaching. I believe that we are all capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for and I am dedicated to helping people find balance, alignment and a lifestyle of abundance that we all deserve.